It started with a passion for denim and a wish to make a change. ”Poetry of waste” was initially an artistic project from a poetic perspective. The aim was to maintain the story and aesthetic values in a recycling/upcycling process.

The result turned out to be an innovative material with a technique possible to scale and a positive impact on the environment.

After several years of R&D, which is still based on aesthetic values, we have our small scale production located at Wargön Innovation, Sweden.

This is just the beginning of the story…


This research is based on the concept of circular design.

The material project is developed in collaboration with The Smart Textiles Lab/Science Park Borås, Wargön Innovation and The Loop Factory and made possible with funding from Smart Textiles and Vinnova, the Swedish Innovation Agency.


The founder is Lill O.Sjöberg, designer MFA and expert in sustainable design and circular processes. She’s been working with issues around textile waste and material research since 2013 and is passionate about denim. All her work is based on the BUD-principles by Satish Kumar.

B- Beautiful

U- Useful

D- Durable

”Let’s highlight and celebrate emotional values i our future sustainable world and pass on the stories to next generation”

Lill O.Sjöberg