One of the principles for circular economy is to keep materials in use. That’s what we’re doing. We extend the lifetime of the denimfiber with at least 25 years.

  • We use material that would be incinerated.
  • We use no pesticides.
  • We work toward the Global Goals.

and equally important…

  • We celebrate emotional and aesthetic values.
  • We lift up the stories to raise awareness.
  • We create new value out of waste.

Our research is constantly developing, aiming a circular lifecycle for the material TWOOD.

A lot of fantastic initiative is going on in the textile industri  and the future looks bright. We are proud to be part of the movement for change.


Issues around textile waste are complex and collaborations over disciplines are important to find ways forward, and many different solutions is needed. On the more personal level we all know by now that we have to change our way of living for a sustainable future.

With insight in the textile waste stream you’d be surprised about the amount of jeans. A garment that is so filled with history and magic, yet ending up in the dump. Poor qualities, mixed materials and constantly changing fashion favours a fast fashion mentality.

The lifetime of a pair of jeans is short (1,5 years) and considering the amount of water and chemicals it takes to make them, it’s time to rethink our own part in this.

It’s time to love and cherish our clothes again.